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Explore Zagreb


Hotel Istra Brijuni

City tours by bus

You are driven around in a panoramic bus in which you can enjoy the light breeze, take in the sun rays and learn all there is to know about Croatia’s capital, what makes it so exciting and interesting to tourists all over the world. Your ticket is valid for 24 hours, so you can hop off the bus wherever you like, and hop on whenever you’d like to continue your journey. Find out more: www.infozagreb.hr/city-tours-by-bus

dinosaur footprints

City tours by bike

Bike tours are the coolest way to discover Zagreb and its treasures. How do the locals live and how do they spend their time? How did Zagreb get its name? Which events marked those magnificent buildings in the city centre? Which people left their marks on the city below Sljeme? You can get all the answers on this bike sightseeing tour! Explore all of our bike tours here: www.infozagreb.hr/city-tours-by-bike

old olive tree

Gastro tours

Is there a better way to familiarize yourselves with another nation’s culture than eating its traditional foods? Food is not the only smell of tradition you will find in Zagreb. The wine made under the bright Croatian sun tastes like green hills, hardworking hands of winemakers, like local customs and cheerful songs. Find out more here: www.infozagreb.hr/gastro-tours

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Explore Zagreb theatres: www.infozagreb.hr/theatres

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Explore Zagreb museums: www.infozagreb.hr/museums

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Explore Zagreb galleries: www.infozagreb.hr/galleries
trail zelenikovac


Zagreb is blessed with a location right next to Sljeme, an easy getaway that offers hiking trails and ski slopes of international quality. The upgrading of Sljeme is a recent phenomenon, much of it based on the global success of local skiing star Janica Kostelić and her sporting family. Explore all the parks: www.infozagreb.hr/parks

underwater trail

Public monuments

The theme of St George killing the dragon has been a popular motif since medieval times, symbolizing the struggle between good and evil and the victory of Christianity over paganism. This particular portrayal of the saint was produced by Austrian sculptor Anton Fernkorn. Explore other public monuments: www.infozagreb.hr/public-monuments

bicycle trail

Architectural monuments

The colorful Church of St. Mark is one of the oldest buildings in Zagreb and of its symbols. It was built in the 13th century; from that first, Romanesque period, only a window in the south wall and the bell-tower foundation are preserved. Explore other architectural monuments: www.infozagreb.hr/architectural-monuments