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Excursion to Veliki Brijun

Upon arrival by boat to the port of Veliki Brijun, your guide will form the groups and arrange the departure of the tourist train. The island sightseeing program is planned as a pleasant one-hour ride and walking tour.

The excursion begins on the eastern side of the island, in the central Brijuni port, where you will find expert tourist guides available to you for any questions and additional information. The part of the excursion is designed as a one-hour ride on the tourist train, along the coast and all the way to the north of the island where the Safari Park is located. On the way, guests have the opportunity to see the golf courses, a Venetian citadel and old farm buildings built in the early 20th century at the time of the Austrian Kupelwieser family.  

Excursion to Veliki Brijun

View of Mali Brijun

Before coming to the Safari Park, you can see the second-largest island – Mali Brijun, north of Veliki Brijun. Mali Brijun is home to one of the largest Austro-Hungarian fortifications in the Mediterranean – the Fort Brioni Minor, which was built from 1895 to 1900 and has five floors. This large fortress has been used in summer for various cultural purposes since the beginning of the 21st century. 

Tourists meet the residents of Brijuni

When you arrive to the Safari Park, approximately 9 ha of surface area, you will be able to meet around 80 herbivores, mostly from Africa and Asia, and increasingly more autochthonous species as of late. During the pause, you will have plenty of time to approach the animals and take a break at the Café Sony i Lanka.

Panoramic west side ride

The panoramic ride continues on the western side of the island. There are 2 Brijuni islands on the horizon, the first island of a circular shape is Vrsar, and behind it the long and narrow one is the famous Vanga island. Vanga island looks like an open shell and consists of the northern, residential, and the southern, business part. The island of Vanga also represents government-owned properties where vacation is provided for high-level political officials.

As the ride continues, you will notice evergreen undergrowth called maquis. About 400 different herb species are registered on the island, from unique forests of holm oak and laurel to beautiful wild orchids and exotic plants such as umbrella pine, cedar and sequoias.

After the Brijuni residential villas on the elevated part with the antennas, you will see the Austro-Hungarian fortress Tegetthoff and after that the empty pools of the zoo that existed here until 1995. According to the legal provisions, all the carnivores have been moved from here to the zoos in Zagreb and Osijek, and today only herbivores live here and are free to roam everywhere.

Before the next stop you will visit the remains of a Roman villa in Verige Bay. Part of the excursion is a visit to museums, permanent exhibitions and St. German’s Church, as well as a walk through the Mediterranean garden with a visit to an old olive tree – which slowly ends this excursion across Veliki Brijun.

The tour of the Veliki Brijuni island lasts for 4 hours and is organized with guides in Croatian, Italian, German, Russian and English.

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