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STH2FC 2024


Spring Training on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (STHFC 2024)

Monday – March 25, 2024

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Tuesday – March 26, 2024

09:00 – 10:00     TRAINING

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11:00 – 12:00    

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14:45 – 15:00     THANK YOU NOTES


Ad van Wijk is Emeritus Professor Future Energy Systems at TU Delft, the Netherlands. He is guest professor at KWR Water Research Institute to develop and implement the research program Energy and Water. He is special advisor to Hydrogen Europe. He is member of the advisory board of DII Desert Energy. And he holds several advisory and supervisory board positions. Van Wijk has studied physics and did his Ph-D on Wind Energy and Electricity Production at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He worked as an Researcher and Associate Professor, between 1983 and 1997 in the Department of Science, Technology and Society at Utrecht University In 1984, van Wijk founded the company Ecofys, which eventually grew into Econcern. Econcern developed many new sustainable energy products, services and projects. Examples include the 120 MW offshore wind farm Princess Amalia in the North Sea, several multi-MW solar farms in Spain, a solar cell manufacturing plant Solland and a bio-methanol plant in the Netherlands. Since 2011 van Wijk is appointed as part time professor Future Energy Systems at TU Delft. His research focus on the energy systems of the future. Especially he does research on hydrogen energy systems and has realized ‘’the Green Village’’ at the TU Delft campus. Van Wijk achieved many important prizes for excellent entrepreneurship. Amongst others he was Dutch entrepreneur of the year in 2007 and Dutch top-executive in 2008. Van Wijk was honored by KWR, by appointing him Honorary Fellow in 2018. In 2022 van Wijk received the EM Innovation Award from the NWBA, Dutch Hydrogen and Fuel Celll Association. In 2023 he got a life time achievement award from the International Cleantech Business Club. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2Lyb4tk1aA.And at his valedictory address he was awarded with the hydrogen medal by MissieH2. Van Wijk has published many books, scientific articles and reports that can be downloaded from his website www.profadvanwijk.com Hydrogen related books and articles are depicted below. Follow Ad van Wijk at twitter @advanwijk or via his website.


United Arabic Emirates

Frank Wouters has been leading renewable energy projects, transactions, and technology development for more than 30 years and played a lead role in the development of renewable energy projects all over the world. He served as Deputy Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) from 2012 to 2014. Mr. Wouters has served on the board of energy companies in Europe, Asia, the US and Africa and currently serves as:
• Senior Vice President New Energy at Reliance Industries
• Co-President of the Long Duration Energy Storage Council
• Fellow, Payne Institute, Colorado School of Mines
• Chairman of the MENA Hydrogen Alliance
• Chairman of the Dii Advisory Board
• Chairman of the Benelux Business Council Abu Dhabi
• Chairman of the HyET Group Advisory Board
• Non-Executive Board Director of Gore Street Capital, London, and
• Director of the EU MED-GEM Network.
Frank has authored several books on renewable energy and green hydrogen and lives in Abu Dhabi. He has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Delft University.


After a dual study programme in automotive engineering and Innovation Management, Maximilian Kuhnert have been working different roles in the automotive Industry. The last two years he was in the field of High-Pressure Hydrogen Storage Systems. He currently holds position as Sales Manager for PEM Electrolyzer in H-TEC Systems.




Robert Mikulandric is Technology Leader at Atlas Copco Airtec (R&D), Belgium. He is responsible for scouting and development of new technologies in the domain of hydrogen and carbon economy. Robert has worked close to engineering and product teams, developing wide range of new technologies for Atlas Copco. His current projects include development of state-of-art hydrogen compression and CO2 separation techniques. Robert graduated mechanical engineering at University of Zagreb, Croatia and obtained his 2 PhDs at KU Leuven (Belgium) and University of Zagreb (Croatia).


Vjekoslav Jukić works in Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development as Head of Sector for Energy Policy and Planning. He is involved as expert working group for preparation of Hydrogen Strategy for Croatia and in preparation of Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan for Croatia. His main interest are new technologies, decarbonization, RES, etc.


As a SR. business development manager Stargate Hydrogen Solutions OÜ, Aniket Choudhari is involved in:
• Market Development: Identify low carbon hydrogen market segments and applications which will present opportunities where Stargate has or could have advantages.
• Work closely with Product Management, Project Execution and Marketing to develop Product Service Offers for onsite hydrogen generation plants.
• Monitor competitor activities qualitatively and quantitively to determine strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats.
• Continually update and develop strategies and tactics which will provide value to the customers and growth for Stargate as the hydrogen market continues to evolve over time.


Alexander Trattner holds CEO and Research Director position at the HyCentA Research GmbH, Graz, Austria. He also holds position of Assistant Professor at the Institute of Thermodynamics and Sustainable Propulsion Systems, Graz University of Technology. He authored and/or co-authored more then 60 scientific and technical papers. Alexander was awarded with numbers of awards, such as:

1. State Prize Mobility with the project UpHy – Upscaling of green hydrogen for mobility and industry, member of the project team.
2. VCÖ Mobility Price with the project HYTRAIL – Hydrogen Technology for Railway Infrastructure in the category Research and Scientific Studies.
3. Energy Globe Award Austria in the category Worldwide for the project FC REEV – member of HyCentA project team as scientific project partner.
4. Energy Globe Award Styria in the category Worldwide for the project wind2hydrogen – member of HyCentA project team as scientific project partner.
5. Winner of the Best Paper Award of SAE SETC for the publication “Advantages and Challenges of Lean Operation of Two-Stroke Engines for Hand-Held Power Tools”.
6. Laureate of the Hans List Fonds 2014 for ongoing PhD “Future Two-Stroke Engine Technology for Hand-Held Power Tools".
7. One of the Ten Best Papers Award of SAE SETC 2012 for the publication „Future Engine Technology in Hand-Held Power Tools”.
8. One of the Five Best Presentations at the SAE SETC 2012 in Madison USA for the presentation „Future Engine Technology in Hand-Held Power Tools”.
9. 3rd Prize at the Vehicle Association Anniversary Foundation (Fahrzeugverband- Jubiläumsstiftung) of the Austrian Association of the Automotive Industry (Fachverband der Fahrzeugindustrie Österreichs) for the diploma thesis: “Experimentelle Untersuchungen und thermodynamische Analyse eines Brennverfahrenskonzeptes für 4-Takt Hochleistungsmotoren mit Direkteinspritzung“


Saša Medved works in Siemens Energy as a Business Development for Southeast Europe. The main focus of his activities are infrastructural energy projects with low or no carbon emission such as green hydrogen production, e-fuels, H 2 ready combine cycle power plants, heat pumps, carbon capture, PV, different energy storages, etc. Building experience in big energy corporations such as GE and Alstom, Saša has strong background in conventional thermal and hydro energy production including design, modification & upgrades, and service of the main equipment, as a foundation for deep understanding of low carbon emission project potentials and business solutions.


Associate Prof. Dr. Mitja Mori is a member of the Department of Energy Engineering at the Faculty of
Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. He is a leading expert in LCA in Slovenia and
cooperates with industry, international projects and the government. His research areas are closely
related to LCA, carbon footprint, hydrogen economy, eco-design and problems arising from today's
energy conversion systems. He is a leader in the field of sustainable development (LCA, S- LCA) and
techno-economic analysis (TEA) in several H2020 funded projects.